A team of experts take care of all the procedures required for efficient management in this field.

We serve both national entities and foreign companies (branches, subsidiaries, permanent establishments).

How can we help you

Our offer is underpinned by the successes accumulated over the years the company has existed, which make it a benchmark in the sector.
Permanent assistance in the management of and compliance with accounting, tax and administrative obligations in Spain.

We have our own computer tools for monitoring and permanently analysing the documentation generated..

Tax Management
Stemper offers you an innovative service which enables you to outsource the presentation of the majority of taxes before the Tax Authority: Personal Income Tax, Corporate Tax, VAT and Vehicle Registration Tax.
Preparation of Annual Accounts
The current situation is redefining the global view of businesses. This implies that the financial environment and the presentation of information are also being redefined and this brings major challenges for governing bodies. Consequently, it is more necessary than ever to have reliable information for third parties. Stemper helps its clients with this challenge.
Introduction of accounting records, invoicing, cash management, analysis of bank documents, review of accounts on accounting dates….
Representation of Fiscal Matters
Our goal is to try to reduce clients’ tax burden by planning taxation in accordance with current regulations. By means of permanent communication, we inform our clients of the main novelties in the field of taxation which may affect them or be of interest to them.
Foreign Companies

  • We collaborate and prepare the incorporation of the option chosen in Spain
  • We perform or review the reporting established by the parent group
  • We act as representatives before the tax authority
  • Compliance with the obligations other than the normal ones required because of the dependence on foreign companies