Stemper´s payroll management department offers a global service.

How can we help you

Our offer is underpinned by the successes accumulated over the years the company has existed, which make it a benchmark in the sector.
Labour Consultancy
Stemper´s labour consultancy department offers a global service tailored to each type of client, from large multinational companies to individuals.

Our services aim to achieve strategic alignment of personnel with the objectives and needs of your business.

Our services

  • Advice on redundancy plans
  • Allowances and help with Social Security
  • Identification of types of contracts
  • Retirement
  • Doubts in relation to collective agreements

Procedures with Public Bodies
Global service throughout the process to help you with all the administrative formalities.

Our services

  • Social Security: we carry out all the procedures before Social Security so that our clients do not have to do it through Winsuite
    • Social insurance
    • Register of workers
    • High and Low C.R.A
    • Assignment of contribution accounts
    • Obtaining company certificates
  • Inem: our professionals can help you to solve any problems that arise in your administration, for the time that is necessary and with the professionals that best suit the situation.
    • Presentation of contracts
    • Business certificates
  • Mutuas: the Stemper Payroll Management Department offers an integral service advising our clients of the rights and obligations they have in each case and carrying out the procedures before the Mutual on behalf of our clients.
    • Termination of work accidents
    • Presentation of medical parts
    • Opening of employment contracts